born in 1953 in Mazingarbe, lives and works in Paris

Peter n'est pas Pierre (Peter is not Pierre)
Catherine Beaugrand works on representation, which is to say, on the process of symbolisation of the real or the imaginary, and also on the process whereby a character is created and identified by the public. That is why her work ranges from mythology to architecture, from American comic book heroes to the construction of spaces of representation. To this can be added the fact that she questions the position of the person who creates and of whoever attends, watches or listens. This position is the physical, ethical place where the person stands but also their mental disposition: does this participate in the action, in the representation, and if so, how? In the CD Lettredamour (Loveletter), made for her exhibition at the Vassivière art centre in 1995, she presented what seemed to be a conversation between a man (speaking English) and a woman (speaking French). Spatially, the voices do not match, their vocal position does not belong to the same original space, likewise the exchanges are illusory: while the two protagonists seem to be replying to one another, their spheres do not coincide. They are united only by the space that they are allotted together. The space where listeners hear them and appreciate the somewhat critical humour of the scene. This space is that of the moment of representation and of the participation of the listener.

the work for Enghien :
Catherine Beaugrand has designed a sound piece for two distinct places in the town. This two-part work combines reality and fiction, here and elsewhere and words and dialogues in several different languages.

At the SNCF railway station: En retard (Late).
In this place of movement and crossing paths, Catherine Beaugrand's discreet sound action is designed to be come across by surprise. "To listen with the feeling you are watching a film, an invisible film, but that is playing precisely where you find yourself. Cinema without film with real sounds that combine over short (recorded) narratives." (Catherine Beaugrand)

In the pavilion of the villa on the lake: L'Imitation
In a public garden, a quiet and somewhat secluded area, the second sound piece is to be heard inside a pavilion near the lake. This more relaxed setting lends itself to other narratives that "interfere with ghosts of music lessons". The more intimate atmosphere, the quality of listening, which is no doubt more continuous than at the station, conjoin here "for an illusionist cinema".

Catherine Beaugrand

Peter n'est pass Pierre, 1998, sound installation in two parts
Imitation, in the pavillon at the Villa du Lac ;
3', computer-generated voice with violin and piano.

description: sound scores combing words in several different languages, music, sounds recorded on-site and spontaneous live sound.

location: at the SNCF train station during the day (times: see Biennial guide) and in the pavilion of the Villa du Lac (lakeside villa) : (times: every day, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.).